Sports Performance

Where Sports and Hypnosis Meet

According to research, sports performance has as much to do with mental abilities as physical abilities.

Hypnosis is the training of those mental abilities, and can therefore contribute to enhancing and improving athletic performance.

Mental training for sports people is gradually becoming more recognized and acceptable as attitudes towards sports psychology are changing, more and more sports people are happy to talk about their mental coaching and indeed recognize the need to develop
mental skills that may give them that competitive edge.

Sports hypnosis can help anyone – from the young person new into sport to the elite athlete.

Some Famous Users of Hypnosis…

Tiger Woods had a prestigious golfing career.
He was able to make shots that no one else could.
He used hypnosis since he was 13 to calm his mind, free his mind from worry, pressure, distraction and focus on the pleasure of the game.

Kevin McBride (boxer) is known for beating Mike Tyson in a championship fight. The boxer used hypnosis to unlock his talent at just the right time.

What Can Sports Hypnosis and Psychological Interventions Help With?

• Confidence Building
• Anxiety Management
• Arousal Control
• Dealing with Self-Talk
• Improving Motivation
• Maintaining Focus
• Competition Preparation
• Improving Mental Toughness
• Performance Enhancement
• Technique Rehearsal

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