Expanded Awareness

Self Discovery with Ultra-Height® / Expanded Awareness

Expanded AwarenessExpanded Awareness and Self Discovery is a special form of hypnosis in which the mind is opened up to levels of awareness and understanding far beyond what is achieved with standard hypnosis. This method was developed as an off-shoot of Ultra-Height® which was developed by Gerald F. Kein, and other hypnosis practitioners. Gerald Kein was a veteran with over sixty years of experience in hypnosis. He was the founder of the Omni Hypnosis Center.

With this technique, you enter the most relaxed of all hypnotic states.

The body remains in absolute peace. At the same time, the mind is gently led up to a level of super consciousness. From this knowing and perfectly loving state, you can explore your subconscious and examine any beliefs or perceptions that stand in your way.

You are guided into the deepest levels of trance state. You are guided in accessing your “inner knowing” in order to discover the solution to problems you wish to explore.


Expanded Awareness is a truly beautiful, wonderfully blissful and peaceful level of hypnosis used to bring about healing.

Expanded Awareness allows you to open up to extraordinary levels of mental awareness. It allows you to gain knowledge and insight about your physical, mental and emotional issues.

Your mind will be at a level of profound mental alertness and activity. Your mind will be able to quickly find the root of a problem as well as the best way to solve the problem. And it’s your own wisdom, not that of the hypnotist, that guides you in reprogramming your subconscious mind toward a more constructive perception.

Expanded Awareness allows you to discover the programs that constantly sabotage you.

Correct programs under your own leadership . You do not even need to share your findings with the hypnotist if you do not want to.

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